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Cough & Cold Care

Generic Name

Thyme Herb Extract, White Pine Bark Extract, Anise oil with Honey Syrup

PACKING 120 Ml PET Bottle
Composition: Each 5 ml Syrup Contains -
Thyme Herb Fluid Extract 0.03 g
White Pine Bark Extract 0.0125 g
Anise Oil 0.0001 g
Honey 0.05 g
Flavoured Syrup Base q.s.

Sore throat is a common infection of the throat among people of all ages, quite often accompanied by other common cold / flu symptoms such as coughs, runny nose, headache, catarrh and muscle aches. Thyme Herb Extract, White Pine Bark Extract, Anise Oil with Honey Syrup 120 ml contains three active ingredients, thyme herb extract, Aniseed and white pine bark which have been found to relieve all these symptoms.

Complete relief from mucus, bronchial, stubborn and irritating cough irritation to the respiratory tract, sore throat.

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